Monday, June 18, 2012

and the winners are......

yesterday we drew two names to receive copies of Allyson's new cookbook Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats - and the winners are Trying To Shine & Dreamin' It Vegan!

if you'll both send me your contact information i'll get your copies out to you within the next few days so you can start cooking up all kinds of gluten-free awesomenesses!

and thanks to everyone who participated!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

let's get our Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats on & win a copy for yourself!

hiya, howdy and hello! it's been a loooong time and so much has happened since october. while we're still busy bees (and i promise update you all next post - which i promise won't be months down the road!), i wanted to take a bit to post about something that i'm really superexcitedfaced about. my good friend allyson kramer, of Manifest Vegan has published her first cookbook! squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats is out now and since its arrival dan and i have been cooking up all kinds of gloriously fantastical eats! let me tell you, friends - don't be all, "well, i'm not's not for me." it IS! it's for everyone! you don't have to be gluten-free to enjoy allyson's super stellar recipes! i promise they're not intimidating either (i know some gluten-free recipes can be), and we've served her dishes to people who aren't gluten-free (many of them were omnivores, too) with tasty success! while my photos might not be doing allyson's eats much justice, you'll be most happyfaced to know that every recipe in her book has a gorgeous photo to accompany it. this way you can totally flip through and make what recipes you drool the most. w00t! oh yeah, and she includes nutritional information for every recipe as well. seriously, guysers - what's not to love?!? oh, and we're giving away 2 copies of Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats - details are at the end of this post, friends. so here are a few Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats we've been enjoying lately, thanks to allyson's amazing cookbook.

we've just got to start off with allyson's butter pecan sticky rolls. look at them!
i made these for dan and my family when we had brunch together and they were devoured. i thought this recipe would be a little labor intensive, but i should have known better - it was easy to make and turned out to be absolutely amazing. that's the one thing i've never been overly good at in the gluten-free department - baked goods. seriously - i suck at gluten-free baked goods and most recipes i try don't work out no matter how well i follow directions. even if you're not gluten-free you need to do yourself and your tummy a favor and make these sticky rolls. pronto! not only did these stinky buns turn out to be most excellent, but all baked goods i've made from allyson's site have been downright awesome, too. she really knows her stuff!

black bean, potato & cheese enchiladas. these were ridiculous. super easy to make and man, they were uber yum! cheezy, potato-y, & perfect! they were packed full of flavor and the leftovers were just as tasty. we served our leftovers with a little green tabasco sauce 'n guacamole. huzzah!

this bowl of awesome contains allyson's cold sesame noodles. they're dan's new favorite, fo 'sho. he goes banoodles for the sesame-peanut sauce & adds a little sriracha on top of his noodles.
i'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to spice, so i tossed on some chopped cilantro. the leftovers are great with baked tofu and steamed broccoli if you wanna add something to 'em.

creamy potato salad. not only is this potato salad oh-so creamy, but it's the best damn potato salad i've had. you see, back in my omni days i absolutely adored my mom's potato salad. hers always had this flavor i could never quite replicate and i really missed it. none of the vegan potato salad recipes i'd tried to date were even close to my momma's. i was a bit hesitant to try allyson's because i was afraid i'd be a little disappointed.

boy was i happyfaced to be wrong. allyson's creamy potato salad had the exact flavor (and texture) i had been missing from my mom's potato salad. this potato salad didn't last a day in our house. it was that delicious. :)

lastly we've got my allyson's mediterranean croquettes and her carrot celeriac remoulade atop. my sister and i try to get together about once a week and cook dinner for each other. we trade off who does the cooking and a last time i decided to whip up these lovelies. mmmmmmm!

first off, the croquettes were crazy easy to make - and crazy delicious. as for the remoulade, i have to admit, most of it was eaten straight out of the mixing bowl. what was left paired well with the croquettes to create a dish we both ooooh'd and ahhhhh'd over - and the leftover croquettes were great on salads and stuffed into wraps.

you can bet your boots we'll be trying more of allyson's recipes in the furture and i urge you all to get your hands on Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats. allyson's recipes are for everyone - gluten-free or not. they really, truly are! if you'd like to win a copy just leave a comment letting us know why you'd love a copy for yourself we'll randomly draw 2 winners so you can both get cooking and enjoy allyson's recipes yourself! we'll select 2 winners by June 17th - and yes, this is open to everyone all over the world!

we hope you all is awesome with everyone - and we'll be posting more soon, we promise! <3

Monday, October 31, 2011

vegan MoFo day thirty one: the ultimate chocolate chip cookie 'n "oreo" fudge brownie bar

vegan MoFo day 31: the ultimate chocolate chip cookie 'n "oreo" fudge brownie bar.

a few weeks back i saw these on Joanna's always awesome Food for Thought Friday.
i couldn't stop thinking about them, so of course we deglutened 'n veganized and they became a reality.

this is some seriously sweet shiz, guysers. but let me tell you, totally worth rotting your teeth out over. :) using our favorite gluten-free chocolate chip recipe, vanilla sandwhich cookies and Celine's gluten free fudge brownies the ultimate chocolate chip cookie 'n "oreo" fudge brownie bars were created and demolished faster than the speed of light.

truly ultimate, indeed!

i must admit, while this vegan MoFo's been a little stressful with work & going back to school, i'm a little sadfaced it's coming to an end. everyone kicked so much MoFo booty this year - invading the world with so much vegan awesomeness! MEGAyay!

happy halloween, everyone!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

veganMoFo day thirty: Allysia's Vegan Mac And Cheese

vegan MoFo day 30: Allysia's Vegan Mac and Cheese.

Allysia of The Real Meal posted her vegan mac and cheese just a few days ago. i love trying out new mac 'n cheeze recipes and wanted to give it a whirl. i can tell you this - it's one delicious way to start a sunday, that's fo 'sho! our food processor isn't the best, so the onion & garlic never achieved the status of smooth, but it didn't stop this cheezy sauce from being a truly scrumptious one. we used chickpea flour and soy-free earth balance and were uber pleased with the delicious results. like Allysia, i too enjoy greens with my mac, especially kale sauteed in olive oil and topped with a little red chili flakes. of course i had to add on a little Franks 'cause that's how i roll. thanks for a crazy delicious bowl of vegan mac and cheese, Allysia!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty nine: Hannah's buckwheat pancakes

vegan MoFo day 29: Hannah's buckwheat pancakes.

today's starting off with rain, and i believe it's going to be this way all day. i don't mind rain one bit - it slows things down and makes me feel more present. i like it! so to celebrate a cold 'n rainy day i thought i'd start it off right with Hannah's buckwheat pancakes and some ketchup graced hashbrowns. these buckwheat pancakes are gloriously good - hearty, filling, perfect. in every way. brown foods are the best, just ask Panda!

Friday, October 28, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty-eight: K's Lentil Soup Inspired Salad

vegan MoFo day 28: K's lentil soup inspired salad.

today's absolutely awesome eats are brought to ya by K of In the Mood for Noodles. this easy peasy lentil soup inspired salad is crazy delicious! since we've got a ton of lentils hang'n around this dish was perfect in depleting our supply a good bit.

parsley was subbed in for mint, we didn't have any cheeze on hand, and a little raw kale & minced red onion was added. oh yeah, and we did add in vegenaise for extra mmmmm factor. thanks for the tasty suggestion, K. we've got leftovers for days and it makes me so very happyfaced just thinking about it. this salad is one creamy, tangy combination of yum, indeed!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty seven: all i've got is this bowl of quinoa and beans

vegan MoFo day 27: burned out quinoa and beans.

i know we're all busy bees and kick'n booty with the MoFo posts, but i've gotta admit, i'm burned out today. but 'cha know, there's only 4 more days and i'm thinking i'm gonna make 31 posts again this year.huzzah! so today i'm taking a break 'cause my brain hurts. here's what i've got going on - easy peasy quinoa and beans bowl. i'll have something more exciting looking tomorrow. promise thomas. ;)

here's how the quinoa bean bowls go (don't let the simplicity of this dish fool ya, it's crazy tasty just like it is - although i will admit if you drizzle on a little lemony-tahini sauce it'll take you places you've never been to before. fo 'sho.):

- bring 1 cup of water + 1 cup of well-rinsed quinoa to a boil in a small pot. once boiling - cover with a lid, reduce the heat to low & cook for 20 minutes.
- saute 1/2 a minced, yellow onion on medium heat.
- add in 2 cups of beans (user's choice - i chose black & white beans this go around) once the onion has softened.
- while your beans are cooking mince 2 big fat cloves of garlic.
- make a well in the middle of the beans 'n onions - add minced garlic and a glub of olive oil.
- stir it all up once garlic is fragrant.
- season bean mix with sea salt & black pepper. turn off the heat and let the beans, onions and garlic hang out for a bit.
- chop kale & massage with olive oil & a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.
- at this point your quinoa should be ready to go - remove from heat when finished, flush with fork and add everything together (raw, massaged kale + beans & onions + quinoa) in a large bowl.
- another glub of olive oil, another shake of sea salt 'n pepper.

what are some of your favorite easy peasy/i'm too tired/feeling kinda "meh"/don't have time meals to make?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty six: T's Potato Carrot Latkes

vegan MoFo day 26: T's potato carrot latkes.

these are (by far!) the best latkes i've had. last december we attempted some when visiting my mom 'n dad for christmas - we used a binder (flax egg) and they just didn't crisp up right, but T's cornstarch 'n flour method (we used brown rice flour) worked perfectly (we should have used her recipe last year!)!

i told T last year i couldn't wait to try out her potato carrot latkes and it's about time i got off my ass and made these deliciousnesses. i'm so superhappyfaced we finally did - 'cause these are some seriously scrumptious (and easy to make!) latkes and i absolutely adore love the addition of carrots. they give them great color, awesome flavor, and makes latkes that much more fantastical! thanks for the yummiest latkes, T!

p.s. - we don't have a potato ricer, so we used a clean kitchen towel to wrap up the taters 'n carrots & gave the towel a good wringing over the sink. worked great, too!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty five: Celine's gluten free fudge brownies

vegan MoFo day 25: Celine's gluten free fudge brownies.

(made with homemade, local sweet potato puree and additional chocolate chips were added to the batter)

five words: you've gotta make these happen!

Monday, October 24, 2011

vegan MoFo day twenty four: inspired by Sarah - bbq soy curled quesadillas!

vegan MoFo day 24: bbq soy curled quesadillas breakfast inspired by Sarah.

if you haven't visited of Sarah's blog, I'm Vegan, and no I'm not starving, then you totally be checking it out right now! she makes crazy deeeelicious vegan eats and has the cutest little lady, Livi! you should check out her blog, fo 'sho! a bit ago she posted these ridiculously delicious look'n quesadillas stuffed with bbq soy curls and since then i've been craving them. yesterday they were created (using brown rice tortillas and cheddar daiya) and oh. my. science. were these quesadillas enjoyed to the fullest extent. mmmmmmmmmm! i'm pretty sure the remainder of the bbq soy curls will only be gobbled up inside warm quesadillas oozing with cheeze, 'cause it's simply the best! thanks, Sarah!

i also wanted to share our bourbon-maple bbq sauce recipe with you all - here ya go!

(makes enough to thoroughly cover a 1/2 bag 'o soy curls)

1 shot of your favorite bourbon (we use Old Crow or Jack)
1/4 large red onion, minced
1/2 cup ketchup
5 cloves o' garlic, minced
3 packed tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp blackstrap molasses
2 tsp olive oil
big pinch of sea salt
big pinch of garlic powder
big pinch of onion powder
olive oil cooking spray

what 'cha gotta do: spritz a cast iron skillet with the olive oil cooking spray. heat the pan to medium & saute the red onion with a pinch of sea salt until the onion just starts to brown. make a well in the middle of the onions and place the 2 tsp of olive oil + minced garlic in the well & once the garlic is fragrant give it a good mix'n. turn the heat to to medium-high and add add in the bourbon. let this cook down for 2 minutes then add in the apple cider vinegar. stir well & let this cook down for another 2 minutes. lower the heat to low and add in the remaining ingredients. stir well & simmer for 5 minutes.
(the soy curls we reconstituted in water + 1/2 not-chicken bouillon cube. after 10 minutes we strained the soy curls and used a coffee mug to squish all the moisture we could out of them while they were sitting in the strainer. then we tossed them in the pan with the bbq sauce and let them hang out with the heat off (but the cast iron still over the burner) for 5 minutes. that's it!))